Current Batch

Desi Chicks & Desi Eggs

The provision of quality over quantity by making desi chicks to produce desi eggs and desi meat available to customers.

Alburaaq Enterprises

Exporting handmade leather products that are used in horse riding

Arifa’s Startup

Designing a big data analysis tool that not only extracts information from data.


They capture the precious moments of life, breaking the mainstream mallet & bringing creativity & new ideas.

Balochistan Gaming Studio

The first gamming studio in Balochistan where it trains people for gamming studio


Dellivery is a web application that lists types of commodities in any area and allows delivery to customers.


Rapport based virtual reality exposure therapy for the treatment of mental disorders.

Balochistan Gaming Studio

Providing the wedding videos based on the cinematic techniques with professional sound effects.


Designing indoor navigation system which enables user to get navigation on their smartphones via app inside the buildings


Culture Redefined: Neutral platform for artisans of remote areas & fusion of ethnic and modern fashion.

Balochistan Gaming Studio

Smart trolley which can automatically follow the customer smart trolley which can count numbers of items and its cost by itself


Providing skilled labor to households, for daily chores and problems through an app service.


Manufacturer of laboratory and Poultry incubators for agricultural products, poultries for hatching birds, chickens etc..

Balochistan Gaming Studio

Online ticketing for those traveling by road through different companies

Aisha's Startup

This system is about automated irrigation system which waters the plant and save the excess use of water  and electricity.


Micro grid energy solution for commercial residential and industrial purposes

Sun Spark

Working on multilevel sun inverters to convert DC into AC

Gul Technology Pvt Ltd.

A safety helmet that detects multiple gases from mines in real time, keeps track of real time location inside, analyze environment of mines and provides alerts in case of immobilization of miner due to fainting.

Shams's Startup

Voice controlled robot technology, from which daily tasks can be controlled.

Samiullah's Startup

Smart solar system that tracks the sun automatically and rotates the solar panel accordingly.

Injection Molding Machine

Making a molding press which produces plastic products by using waste plastic material or a regular plastic items

E Flow

Redox-flow battery for residential segment to be used as power storage for solar and/or ups.

Faisal's Startup

Nursery raising entrepreneur establishing glass house and green house plantation of crops/vegetables etc

Siddiqullah 'S Startup

Quality feed for the cattle, manufactured from the agricultural wastes & products like Apples and Dates.


Online mobile e-store with physical poster to order products from anywhere.

Smart Health Monitoring System

Smart health monitoring system is based on IOT(internet of thing) that monitors patient’s health remotely.