NIC Quetta Labs

The Maker Lab at BUITEMS Quetta is planned in close collaboration with LUMS NIC Maker lab to widen the horizon of Maker services in the country. To promote Gems and Jewelry, marble and granite industry in Balochistan, the BUITEMS Maker lab will have equipment to help startups specialize in Jewelry Design along with basic wood, metal, PCB fabrication and 3D printing labs. Moreover, the two Maker Labs in Lahore and Quetta will be linked with Central Labs and Microwave, Antennas, and Circuits (MAC) Research Labs, which house state-of-the art equipment such as XRD, Electron Beam Lithography, Scanning Electron Microscope, Mass Spectrometer, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy setup, Diamatix Inkjet Printing setup, Network Analyzer, Vector Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers etc. Access to central labs and MAC Lab would allow incubated companies to venture into high-tech based entrepreneurial domains. These lab networks, BUITEMS NIC Maker lab, BUITEMS robotics and electrical labs, mechtronics labs at BUITEMS & LUMS, NIC Lahore Maker Lab, and LUMS Central Labs & MAC lab would play a pivotal role in starting the maker movement in the country that will bring the paradigm shift in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial eco-system. This is an inevitable and major step forward towards building knowledge based vibrant economy of Pakistan.

NIC Quetta Services to Its Start-Ups

  • PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: access to physical resources, technological infrastructure,
  • MANAGEMENT: administrative support, mentoring, coaching
  • ACCESS TO FINANCE: access to financial resources, business/organizational support, and will build a network with formal and informal investors to strengthen the link between capital and entrepreneurs.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: access to a powerful alumni network, activities and events,
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Professional business support through regular mentoring sessions (in areas concerning general business matters, accounting, legal matters, advertising and financial assistance, leadership, marketing and sales) and network provision (both internal and/or external). The incubator will be linked to other start-ups, technology parks and IT based solution firms locally and internationally.
  • EXPERIENCE SHARING PLATFORMS: opportunities for knowledge transfer and experience sharing between the incubatees.
  • MAKER SPACE: A maker lab with five complement labs and linkages to Maker Lab at NIC will enhance the innovation environment facilitating startups that want to build hardware prototypes for solutions that require hard-core engineering. IoT, Robotics, mechatronics products are all within reach by combining the facilities at Quetta and Lahore.
  • ICT AND R&F LABS: Both BUITEMS and LUMS have large number of labs that are run by experienced faculties and Research Assistants.
  • USABILITY LABS: NIC Quetta will have its own usability lab.

NIC Quetta Mentorship

Given the number of challenges start-ups face in the first few years of operation, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a strong support system in place, including a vast network of mentors to support them through their business journey. The proposed National Incubation Center Quetta will stay connected with mentors and strive to establish linkages with demand side/customers, partners and investors that will maximize the commercial potential of the final product and reduce time to market. Weekly/Monthly newsletters will be shared with the network to keep them informed regarding the latest developments in the incubator and provide them insight to the start-up eco system.

Successful startups which would have generated enough revenue and want to accelerate their business will be allowed to access NIC Quetta Business Acceleration Services. National Incubator Center Quetta will provide a quickly configurable, adaptive, co-working office space within the same facility which brings together everything required by start-ups under one roof ideally in a warehouse style, open floor plan setting. The center will also serve as a bridge platform for high potential start-ups and graduates from top incubation centers all over Pakistan, and will serve early stage enterprises till they start generating positive cash flows, raise funds or are too big to own their own offices.

NIC Quetta as an Accelerator

The National Incubation Center Quetta business accelerator services, will provide an added advantage to start-ups, through the following opportunities:

  • Stimulate the development of a sustainable and scalable model that supports the successful acceleration of early-stage enterprises;
  • Catalyzes private investment into early-stage enterprises;
  • Provide on-demand access to senior management resources employed by the center to bridge the short-term management void in young businesses;
  • Mentoring and networking support, provided to young founders, at the center provides opportunities, access and relationship building with business leaders and CEOs thereby creating trust and negating anti-startup procurement practices;
  • Fosters the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan; and
  • Contribute to further research and collect empirical evidence on how to further improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.