Mission and Vision


At National Incubation Center (NIC) Quetta, we are committed to supporting the youth of Balochistan to develop sustainable and impactful startup ventures in order to create jobs, revitalize community, commercialize new technology and strengthen local and national economy


To be the hub of innovation in the region proposing innovative approaches to impact lives and raise living standards


  • To promote Entrepreneurial Culture among the youth of Balochistan
  • To promote disruptive innovation to impact lives and enhance living standards
  • To commercialize innovative technology
  • To create jobs and diversify local and national economy
  • To accelerate growth of local industry clusters

Core Values

  • Passion for Winning (We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving)
  • Teamwork (We believe in leveraging the collective genius)
  • Integrity (We are honest, open, ethical, and fair)
  • Respect and Humility (We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves)
  • Customer Focus (We put startups first)

NIC Quetta – an incubation center that creates lasting economic impact by successfully supporting startups and emerging technology companies to create and/or commercialize knowledge intensive products and services through the incubator. BUITEMS envision the National Incubation Center Quetta, to “Become a leading incubator in the region that will function as a supporting environment for the development of innovative, high-growth/high impact and ICT based start-ups.”

NIC’s world class environment will motivate start-ups to deliver high par performance and meet the standards set by leading entrepreneurs in the local and global industry. NIC Quetta will provide start-ups with access to some of the world’s best mentors, investors, businessmen and alumni network, which will provide great opportunities to start-ups. BUITEMS has approximately 6000+ alumni working across 400 national and international organizations, which will be useful in providing startups with the required resources and network support. The professional successes led by the university alumni and the close-proximity to the vibrant entrepreneurial community will provide role models and mentors, which can simultaneously serve as a source of investment funds for the start-ups incubated at NIC. Simultaneously, the physical proximity to Pakistan’s leading ICT Faculty will expose aspiring entrepreneurs to world-class researchers in Information and Communication Technology and 4th Industrial wave innovations and will provide NIC’s start-ups with the expertise, tools, networks and environment they need to make their ventures successful.